• Grey Birdseye / Redgum / SIlver Metallic Inlay


    Grey Birdseye / Redgum / SIlver Metallic Inlay

    Rings Description:

    These rings begin with an inner laminate layer called the liner.  The liner creates a core foundation of strength that allows another species to be combined across the surface of the ring called the over band.  Using steam worked and pressure bending techniques each layer is wrapped at an extreme radius until five total layers offer a new level of support that is more durable than traditional boring method.  The grain of the wood always follows the length of the band ensuring the natural fibers remain connected further enhancing the integrity of the product, as well as, expressing the details of each species in an optimal preservation of natural beauty.

    This ring offers two species of contrasting qualities with an inlay.  It is a handmade item utilizing an intact fiber infused process of lamination for increased Durability.  A three stage finishing component is applied offering the absolute in integrity.  

    Handwork Process:    Steam Worked    Pressure Bent    Fiber Infused Lamination    Four Tapered Endpoints    Five Layers    Two-Toned   Trued to 6mm Width    Detailed Hand Sanded/Polished

    Finishing Process:      Linseed Oiled      Six Top-Layer Coatings      Waxed Polish     Inlaid Material

    Sizing:   Available in a US4-US15
    Width:   Available in 6mm width

    Items depicted in sample pictures are representations of product and do not reflect the variations in grain detail that will be showcased in your purchase. Picture represents a 7mm width.