• Golden Koto / Cherry


    Style: Slim Earrings
    Species: Golden Koto / Cherry
    Findings/Ear Wire: Sterling Silver S-Wire & Clasp
    Weight: > 1g
    Dimensions: 0.40 inch width x 1.325 inch length

    These earrings begin from ten individually cut and hand selected pieces of wood that are 1/32nd of an inch thick.  These eight pieces are brought together using a combination of techniques that create a curvature in their design that will maintain form throughout its lifetime.  Steam bending and a special process I describe as intact fiber infused lamination strengthen the core fibers of the wood producing wooden profiles that have incredible integrity.  An experienced hand guides a series of sanding stages and applies multiple layers of oil, sealer, and conversion varnish.  

    The final product is designed to appear simply elegant yet the complexity and benefits of the techniques I apply are great.  A lightweight comfort showcasing transition from complimentary species with the grace of added dimension in its curvature creates refined detail.  Surface grain is maintained as well to highlight the natural value of each species intricacies and reflect the precise beauty of Mother Nature.

    The value of products I make with my own hands reflects more than just the price associated with them.  There is real effort to aspire for greater meaning, purpose, and identity within a world that often overlooks good intent.  An American made environmentally friendly product that provides a means of support for my family and a way of life that gives me pride in who I am.

    Items depicted in sample pictures are representations of product and do not reflect the variations in grain detail that will be showcased in your purchase.