Personal and Professional Guarantee of Excellence 

It is a great pleasure to display the detail in grain and contrast of colors for the variety of species that are provided by mother nature.  Careful considerations are made with each ring to make attempts to produce the images displayed upon purchase, however the unique quality of nature is the distinctions in character for all life.  This distinction in character is prominent in wood, therefore a true one-of-a-kind ring is produced with each creation, and the depictions of my work via the images displayed are simply examples for your own unique piece that will showcase it's own features.

Lifetime Care Package: Included with the purchase of your ring

Custom Replacement for all Workmanship Defects - Free service for any and all defects within 30 days of shipping date
  • 50% Reduction for Replacements and Re-sizing - Send us a ring for re-sizing or replacement and we'll make a new one at a reduced price

Maintenance: The techniques and skill required to craft each ring allows for the wearer to have complete confidence in the strength and integrity of the actual ring for years to come. However, the finish is subject to wear long before the ring itself does, an estimated 2-3 years of wear (depending on the conditions under which it was worn) are to be expected before minor defects along the edges tend to develop.  Therefore, we recommend that these rings are worn as an occasional item which will extend the lifetime of the finish and lead to less cost in refinishing.  We also encourage the user to take whatever precautions or apply their own methods, such as waxing, to preserve the finish for as long as possible.  Our philosophy is to develop a cost effective method of finish that allows us to renew your ring at an affordable fee to help maintain the beauty of the natural wood.  It is our intent to help in any way we can to prolong the finish and time you can enjoy with our products.

Caring for your Ring:

  • It is recommended to avoid heavy lifting or other labor conditions that could scratch the surface of the finish. 
  • Showering, Swimming, or Washing Dishes are some activities where rings should be removed before performing.
  • As a consumer of our product occasional wear is the ideal consideration before purchasing